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2006 Stiff Chilli Bali Rugby Club

RJHgroup  is a big supporter of BSF Indonesia.
Founded in 2009, Bali Sports Foundation (BSF Indonesia) focuses on the development of and participation in sport for those living with a disability. Its mission is to improve the lives of persons with disabilities in Indonesia by using the power of sport and play for development, health and peace. BSF was founded by a group of dedicated individuals with over 30 years of experience working in NGOs, sports organizations, and the Indonesian educational system, who recognized the enormous gaps in adaptive sports coverage of the Indonesian Ministry of Youth and Sports, Ministry of Education, national sports federations and Paralympic committees. During their 7 years of operation, the BSF has been responsible for increasing the number of official disabled sports available in Bali to 16, where previously there were very few. The BSF currently provides sports programs, which includes free coaching and equipment, to over 20 NGOs and all six Special Schools in Bali that provide support to people with disabilities.

BSF Indonesia 2017



Press Release On 13 August Stiff Chilli Restaurants,a division of RJHgroup and the Bali Rugby Football Club (BRFC) agreed to 3 year sponsorship deal,where included in the deal was included changing the name from Bali Chooks Rugby team to Bali Stiff Chillies Rugby team. Also as part of the Sponsorship Deal RJHgroup will provide a clubhouse for the BRFC. For RJHgroup this new sponsorship deal reflects RJHgroup's growing involvement in sport in Bali.After 2005 Stiff Chilli Indonesian Touch Rugby Championships and earlier this year the Stiff Chilli Gaelic Football Cup,sponsoring the BRFC and this month's Stiff Chilli HOT AIR Kitesurfing Comp is a natural progression in maintaining its mission of a lifestyle company.

STIFF CHILLI is proud to be a  sponsor of the 1st Bali Paragames
For further information please
see www.baliparagames.com


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